Staidorf Consult is an Information Technology (IT) company based in Accra, Ghana. The company started operations in 2016 and have worked with different brand and companies. As an IT company our focus is centered on the application of information technology both within a business and an individual context.

We are extremely committed to delivering quality advice, sales and support to assist our clients to achieve the maximum from their I.T. investment.

Staidorf Consult provides qualified professional Information Technology services to small and medium business market (5-1000 workstations).

We at Staidorf Consult relentlessly strive to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering customized tailor-made solutions. All our customers are assured of top-notch delivery.

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Our Vision & Objectives

To build upon a reputation of being one of the most innovative IT Solution and Service provider in Africa and beyond.

We believe in doing our work in the most efficient way with secure and structured methodology, with gradual evolution from hard-work to smart- work culture.

Objectives: To produce happy and satisfied clients through our creative, innovative strategies and professional ethics

Our Mission & Tagline

What we do and how we ndertake them is based solidly on our mission, which is ‘Building a digital market for businesses’.

Tagline: ‘Niche that sells’. Our goal is being a company that will make an impact in Africa through the use of technology.

This is hugely based on our mission and tagline, these two represents what we believe in and why we exist as a company.

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